Traditional Roofing Replacement Services in Banbury

Allsworth Roofing Ltd are able to replace traditional roofing structures, professionally and efficiently, anywhere in the Banbury and Oxfordshire areas. As an experienced roofing contractor, we are sometimes able to complete less complicated roofing replacement work within a matter of a few days.

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Before we start, we will enquire whether you’ll need planning permission and, if you do, we’ll obtain approval before we go any further. Alternatively, you may wish to make enquiries regarding planning permission in advance of contacting us.


Further preparation will consist of protecting the building from construction damage and arranging skips for waste disposal. From the replacement of stone slate roofing to the final finishes with our leadwork, the way we approach projects in Banbury will nearly always be the same.


Next comes the removal of existing roofing materials. This is needed to assess the state of the timber underneath. We also remove the leadwork and check to see if it’s reusable. Our roofing contractor team should have this work done within a few hours.



A Full Inspection of your Frame and Stone Slate Roofing


When all traditional roofing materials have been removed from your Banbury property, we carry out a thorough inspection for rot and damage. Allsworth Roofing Ltd also establish how badly rot may have affected the underlying frame. Our traditional roofing services will uncover any problems immediately and if we do find any damage, we plan your repair, replacement and leadwork requirements around our findings.


Once we’ve completed the inspection and any undertaken any repair work that might be needed, we cover the roof with an ice and water shield. Replacement leadwork, new shingles, traditional roofing tiles or stone slate roofing are also added.


After the completion of the roof, we clean up the whole site and, apart from the brand new roof adorning your Banbury property, you wouldn’t even know we’ve been there!



Planning Permission for Traditional Roofing in Banbury


Allsworth Roofing Ltd advises all customers to seek planning permission on traditional roofing projects with the local authority for the Banbury area, although we can do this on your behalf if needed. Permission is not always necessary but when it comes to stone slate roofing, traditional roofing and leadwork, it’s always best to find out first.


The UK Government Planning Portal will be able to give you rough guidelines on what the current legislation is for the Banbury area. Alternatively, we are on hand to offer any further advice you may need as a trusted roofing contractor with many years of traditional roofing and leadwork experience.


If you would like advice on planning permission or the replacement of traditional roofing at your Banbury property, talk to a roofing contractor on our team today.