A Potted History of Stone Slate Roofing in Cirencester

Allsworth Roofing has long been a company that works with, and understands, the history and the importance of stone slate roofing at properties in Cirencester. As a sought-after roofing contractor that carries out traditional roofing repairs and leadwork, we find that stone slate roofing is still a popular service among our Cirencester clients.

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The history of stone slate roofing is fascinating. The use of stone slate roofing goes back to ancient times where graduated slate roofs we’re developed out of necessity. The original roofing stone was taken from deep quarries and mines. It was then brought to the surface and split from the rock into roofing shingles.


As development grew and the task became easier, the stone slate roofing became an important part of keeping early housing in Cirencester dry and warm. Stone was far heavier at the bottom of traditional roofing as this enabled the slates to weather rain and corrosion better than the lighter, less exposed slates at the top.


While the type of traditional roofing contractor you see today still uses time-served skills, early roofers progressed up the roof and used smaller slates that were fastened at the top on most constructions. This resulted in a gradual roof that produced a style that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and capable of lasting.



Stone Slate Roofing in the Modern Age


The modern roofing contractor has brought the process up-to-date. Traditional roofing maintenance and repair work in the Cirencester area is far more practical today. Combined with our leadwork services, Allsworth Roofing Ltd can install and maintain stone slate roofing in an affordable, timely and professional manner.


If required, we can replace stone slate roofing and leadwork for our customers too. We have a roofing contractor team with a diverse range of skills which can restore beauty and history exactly as it was first intended when your Cirencester building was originally built.


Stone slate roofing is a very durable type of traditional roofing roof and should last for well over many years. As a non-combustible material with high density, stone slate roofing is not only waterproof but it will also protect the Cirencester property in the event of a fire.


For more information about stone slate roofing, traditional roofing and leadwork in Cirencester, call Allsworth Roofing Ltd today.