The Benefits of Traditional Roofing and Leadwork in the Cotswolds

Allsworth Roofing Ltd undertake leadwork in the Cotswolds. As a leading roofing contractor, we’ve found that leadwork is still a popular service in an area where there are many older properties with lead already fitted. Through our traditional roofing craftsmanship and the materials we use, our leadwork is designed to last. The finish that lead gives will usually mean that you won’t have to worry about a leaking roof again for many years.

Lead is a protective material against the elements and leadwork is an essential part of what we do as a roofing company covering the Cotswolds. It can be used to bridge junctions between walls and roofs and also used in flashing and guttering. When we use lead to complement stone slate roofing, it provides an amazing, traditional finish.

Leadwork in Cotswolds
Roofing in Cotswolds

Our traditional roofing methods are guaranteed to last and we cannot recommend the importance of leadwork highly enough. Lead is soft, malleable and easily manipulated. Through the bossing method, it can be made to fit any profile of tile. This makes lead particularly important in our role as a traditional roofing contractor in the Cotswolds.





Rolled lead sheets can provide cover for buildings for over a century due to its resistance to corrosion. Because of the consistency of thickness, leadwork can expand and contract in line with fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures.

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Also, we promote the use of lead sheets as they’re 100% recyclable. We are an eco-friendly roofing contractor that always looks to reduce its carbon footprint wherever we go. We can install stone slate roofing and lead anywhere in the Cotswolds to keep the underlying roofing structure dry for many decades to come.

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Because we specialise in traditional roofing services, we find that some of our customers in the Cotswolds have questions about the work that we so. Free advice on stone slate roofing and leadwork is always available. Our professional, friendly team is always happy to explain the probable history of your roofing and the type of work it needs.