Leadwork in The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties | From Flashing to Lead Roofs

Whether you have traditional roofing materials on a period property in Oxford or modern alternatives on a new build in Witney, leadwork plays a vital role in keeping your home or place of business watertight. Much like roofing materials such as stone slate roofing, lead has been a cornerstone of roof structures for centuries. This is why you can find it adorning a wide variety of homes, churches and outbuildings throughout Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and the Home Counties.

Allsworth Roofing Ltd operates out of Carterton. This gives our roofing contractors direct access to all our key service areas throughout the region. Whether you’re in Burford, Oxford, Witney or any of the neighbouring towns and villages, you can rely on us for fast and effective leadwork solutions.

Lead has held its popularity as a modern and traditional roofing material thanks to its flexibility. It expands and contracts with fluctuations in temperature, a valuable asset given our changeable weather system.

As a roofing contractor, we cannot stress how important a role leadwork plays in helping us to maintain older properties in and around Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds.

Below, we have provided a brief guide to the two primary aspects of our leadwork services in Oxford, Witney or any other nearby location: flashing and lead roofs.

An Introduction to Lead Flashing

When not used as the primary roofing material, leadwork usually comes in the form of flashing. You can find this feature at the junctions in your roofing structure. These areas include chimneys, walls, vent pipes, dormers and door openings. We can also apply them to valleys, gulleys, saddles and ridges.

No matter the type of joints you have in your traditional roofing structure, they represent weak points that water can penetrate with greater ease. Our roofing contractors apply leadwork around these areas, ensuring your home in Oxford, Witney, the Cotswolds or the surrounding areas has the utmost protection.

The thin pieces of impervious metal create a weather-resistant barrier system that stops water ingress. Needless to say, when your flashing fails or suffers damage, the system no longer works. With increased water penetration, your roofing structure faces an array of problems, such as mould and rot on the internal timbers.

With its watertight quality, outstanding longevity and resistance to corrosion, this larger scale leadwork ticks every box for many property owners.

As sustainability continues to play a more important role in our industry, leadwork has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable. As eco-friendly, traditional roofing contractors, this helps us to reduce our carbon footprint. In turn, this allows our company to keep costs down, ensuring we continue to offer competitive prices.

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