Roofing Contractor in Oxford | Information on Quality Roof Repairs and A Potted History of Stone Slate Roofing

Allsworth Roofing Ltd has long been a roofing company that works with, and has a complete understanding of stone slate roofing. In fact, we specialise in all projects involving this traditional roofing material. As roofing contractors, however, we undertake a range of time-served and modern roofing services, from leadwork installations to all types of roof repairs. Quite simply, our local roofers can meet any roofing requirements you have in the Oxford area.

Our services include:

  • Roofing Repairs

  • Lead Flashing Replacement

  • Lead Roofing Services

  • Repair of Traditional Roofs

  • Roofing Work on Period and Listed Buildings

  • Roof Replacements

  • New Roof Installations

The History of Slate Roofing

The use of slate roofing dates back to ancient times. In this period, people developed graduated slate roofs out of necessity.

Manufacturers sourced their original stone from mines and deep quarries. It was then brought to the surface where craftsmen would split the rock into roofing slates.

With increased development, this task, as well as associated roof repairs and leadwork installations, became easier. In time, stone slate roofing became integral to keep homes in Oxford and across the UK warm and dry.

Today, the traditional roofing contractors at Allsworth Roofing Ltd still use the same time-served methods. This includes progressing up the roof, usually using smaller slates that fasten at the top. This results in the kind of gradual roof that looks aesthetically pleasing, not to mention one with outstanding practicality and durability.

Modern Stone Slate Roofing

Over the years, the process of installing stone slate has undergone some fine-tuning, making it as efficient and effective as possible. The traditional roofing installations and repairs our local roofers perform in Oxford today have a much more practical quality. When combined with our roofing company’s leadwork services, Allsworth Roofing Ltd can install and maintain stone slate roofing in a professional, timely and affordable manner.

Needless to say, we can replace your slate roofing and lead flashings too. Our roofing contractors have a wide range of skills, so we can restore the history and beauty of your property to the same standards used during the original construction.

Stone slate roofing has impressive durability, so our new installations or roof repairs will last for many years to come. What’s more, this non-combustible material has a high density, making it waterproof and fire resistant.

Are you looking for a specialist traditional roofing company for restoration work at your Oxford-based property? Covering everything from leadwork to roof repairs, the local roofers at Allsworth Roofing Ltd covers your every need.

Call Allsworth Roofing Ltd on 01993 846 444 to talk over your roof repair needs in Oxford with an experienced roofing contractor. We also cover the Cotswolds and the Home Counties.