8 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Traditional Roofing in Stroud

If you’ve never used a traditional roofing contractor before and you live in the Stroud area, Allsworth Roofing Ltd would love to hear from you. We are traditional roofing specialists who can repair damage to stone slate roofing, leadwork and all other elements of your roofing structure.

  1. We are a highly experienced roofing contractor that has carried out many projects in the Stroud area. As our testimonials show, we strive for complete customer satisfaction and deliver high standards of workmanship, whatever the project.

  2. Allsworth Roofing Ltd are able to provide traditional roofing services with a friendly, professional approach. We guarantee that the integrity and character of your roof is maintained. We are able to supply solutions for all roofing issues in Stroud.

  3. We are able to supply the roofing contractor team to look after your roof, whatever the material. From new builds to traditional stone slate roofing and from reconstituted tile replacements to leadwork, we are on hand help with a full range of roofing services.

  4. All of our employees are highly-skilled and insured to give the customer peace of mind. We want you to know that the roofing contractor working above your head is more than capable of taking care of business whilst you go about your daily duties.

  5. As stone slate roofing specialists, we understand the importance of consistent, high quality workmanship. As much of our work in the Stroud area is on listed and period buildings, we use our knowledge to produce satisfying results time and time again.

  6. As a roofing contractor that covers all of Stroud, we find that leadwork is still a popular service for older properties with leaks. Using traditional roofing methods, we can replace damaged leadwork cost effectively. This will mean you won’t have to worry about a leaking roof, or damage to the underlying structure, for many years.

  7. We are an eco-friendly roofing contractor. All waste and unused roofing materials are recycled and reused wherever possible. Reducing our carbon footprint is always at the forefront of our minds when we work. We’re a responsible traditional roofing company.

  8. Allsworth Roofing Ltd has a varied client base in Stroud and we have previously undertaken traditional and stone slate roofing work for churches, local authorities, homeowners, architects, private investors and building contractors.


To join the growing number of clients who repeatedly use our traditional and stone slate roofing services in Stroud, call us today on 01993 846444.