Local Roofers in The Cotswolds | Our Reputable Roofing Company’s Guide to Leadwork and Traditional Roofing Services

Have you recently purchased a period property in the Cotswolds area? If you’re new to the world of maintaining, restoring and repairing older buildings, the local roofers at Allsworth Roofing Ltd are here to help with all your traditional roofing needs. When you utilise the expertise of our roofing contractors, you can minimise the damage inflicted on your roof by water, ice, snow, the sun and temperature fluctuations. From leadwork and stone slate roofing to all roof repairs, our roofing company provides bespoke solutions tailored to the unique qualities of your property.

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All the materials on your roof create a watertight system that keeps your property dry and safe. If you’re thinking of re-roofing your current home or workplace, you must choose the right materials. This doesn’t only include primary products like slate roofing, but additional features like leadwork and guttering.

Professional Advice

At Allsworth Roofing Ltd, our traditional roofing contractors advise you on what we think would benefit your property and roofing structure the most. You can rest assured, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all advice, but recommendations tailored to unique needs.

Our local roofers work with a full range of materials and tiles. If you own a period or listed property in the Cotswolds, our roofing company retains original features. We pride ourselves on providing sympathetic, seamless stone slate roofing installations and roof repairs that preserve value, beauty and character.

You can also benefit from our traditional skills if you own a more modern property too.

Traditional Roofing Maintenance

If you fail to stay ahead of traditional roof maintenance, you will eventually face costly, long-term roof repairs. As such, if you see any roofing slates have moved or are missing, or if you find stained drywall inside your property, please contact us as roofing contractors as soon as possible. We can undertake a thorough inspection of your Cotswolds home and recommend an ongoing schedule for maintenance.

The sooner you find small issues, the less likely they are to develop into much larger problems. Our team carries out maintenance and leadwork services of any kind, repositioning and replacing stone slate roofing tiles as needed.

This ensures protection for your underlying timber framework, and all-round roofing structure, at the earliest opportunity.

Traditional Roof Repair

As your property in the Cotswolds ages, it’s almost inevitable that some aspects of the roof will tear, shift, rip and break. This is especially true if you don’t invest in maintenance by our traditional roofing contractors. If you do experience a sudden issue, don’t hesitate to contact Allsworth Roofing Ltd for first-rate advice and help.

Our local roofers perform roof repairs of any kind, including:

  • Replacement of individual stone slate roofing tiles

  • Leadwork repairs and replacements

  • Leak finding and repairs

  • Tile, slate and lead roofing repairs

  • Flat roofing repairs

  • Chimney repairs

  • Roof replacements

Our company provides free, no-obligation quotes for any proposed service.

Our roofing company strives to offer the most competitive prices possible and aim to match any previous quotation you may have received from another company in the local area.

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