Leadwork Specialists Covering Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

At Allsworth Roofing Ltd, leadwork is a major part of our traditional roofing services in Cheltenham. Like stone slate roofing, leadwork has been used in the traditional roofing industry for many centuries. It adorns many roofs on a wide variety of properties, such as homes, churches and outbuildings, across the Gloucestershire area.

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Because of its durability and longevity, leadwork repair and replacement work is still a common aspect in the working day of our roofing contractor team. Leadwork is extremely malleable and can easily be dressed as flashings to fit the curved contours of old and new building materials including stone slate roofing, clay tiles, concrete tiles and brickwork.


Other common uses for leadwork on properties in the Cheltenham area include valleys, gulleys, gutters, saddles, ridges and wall flashings.


The main advantage of leadwork is its flexibility. Lead expands or contracts due to weather conditions. Because the topography of Cheltenham results in a changeable weather system, leadwork becomes particularly useful in regard to traditional roofing work when you consider the constant fluctuations in temperature.



Leadwork Preserves Traditional Roofing Structures


As a roof is constantly exposed to temperature and weather changes, weatherproofing elements starts to degrade and this can cause damage to the joists, the timber and the structure of traditional or stone slate roofing installations in Cheltenham.


Leadwork proves its worth in these situations by acting a sealant where there’s a join between a roof and the brickwork. As a roofing contractor, we can’t stress enough how important our leadwork is for older properties in and around the Cheltenham area with traditional roofing or stone slate roofing structures.


All leadwork sheets used by Allsworth are 100% recyclable and, as eco-friendly roofing contractors with an eye on the future as well as the past, we look to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we go. This, in turn, keeps costs down for our Cheltenham customers.


If we can, we re-use materials from a previous or current job again. Whenever we clear a site after finishing a job, we make sure that rubbish and debris cleared is recycled. We can install or repair traditional and stone slate roofing anywhere in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire. Our services have helped homeowners preserve traditional roofing and leadwork for many years.


If you need a traditional roofing contractor for leadwork and stone slate roofing services in the Cheltenham area, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.